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The Celebrated American and English Race

The Star Spangled Banner song gave tribute to the US Grand National Steeplechase race in Belmont Park, USA. A similar grand event is also held yearly in Aintree, England which is called the Grand National of England. Its existence started in 1838 and ever since steeple chasing became a popular and became an organized sport.

It is important to mention the horses that gives steeple chasing a name in horseracing. In fact it is considered that Thoroughbreds do justice to this type of horseracing due to their magnificent attributes. As a sport steeple chasing is a race that covers approximately two to four miles of track. Within this stretch are obstacles such as stonewalls, fences ,water puddles, and rails made of timber.

In horseracing parlance, this is called cross country style. Here the ability of the horse and the speed by which it travels are tested. Of all the horseracing events, steeple chasing is very demanding physically. Imagine the speed required to cover the miles to the finish to win.

How pleasant to witness a Thoroughbred exhibit a temper that is mostly calm at all times coupled with a disposition that is considered happy and alert. Since the rigors of steeple chasing race is increasing as what is considered normal in size is larger in thorough breeds.

Its anatomy is something other breeds do not possess. This horse exhibits a great lung capacity to withstand stress and fatigue. Indeed they can be called the chosen horses for steeplechasing.

Another type of horses that begin with the sport of hurdling are the American Saddle Horse, Morgan, called the quarter horse and the Tennessee. They start of with hurdling which serves as a training ground for them to compete in steeple chasing. Hurdling have obstacles that stand one to two feet which is lower than the course of steeple chasing.

The length covered is less than two miles. Though the requirements of the race is below the standard compared to steeple chasing the characteristics of the horses sport thin and long legs. Its large muscles are very noticeable to warrant a comment that these horses run quickly with not so much effort. Its long legs makes it easy to make long strides.

These horses come from the Thorough bred lineage of Arabian stallions brought in by the knights of England from the Crusaders regime. In all the glamour and strength they carried the armor bearing knights to cover battle courses and set the format ion of the enemy soldiers traveling on foot into a disarray.

It is evident that the strong endurance of these horses made it possible for some of the owners to use them on a heavy farm load. They could carry logs to distances where a normal horse could not muster enough strength.

Kudos to the breed of Thoroughbreds which has produced champions in its own right. It is noteworthy to trace their proud history and gain leverage of popularity in the horseracing events in the world.